Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching can be defined as the one-on-one process of helping a student examine academic concerns and perceived barriers to success. Coaches provide students with semester-long academic support in areas such as time management, procrastination, test preparation, note taking, and reading strategies. They work individually with students, assess their strengths and needs, and devise a personalized plan of action.

What are the benefits of academic coaching?

  • Understand how your syllabus connects to assignments, quizzes, and tests
  • Manage your time so that you can study and fulfill your family and work obligations
  • Learn hacks and strategies for effective note taking and test taking
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with faculty and classmates inside and outside of the classroom
  • Learn how to conquer academic reading and improve your critical thinking skills
  • Learn how to set goals for your day, week, month, and semester
  • Learn how to take advantage of free resources at the CLE and throughout the college

How do I arrange a coaching session?

Click on the button to request an academic coaching session. Your academic coach will contact you to schedule an initial 45-minute session to meet you and review your syllabi. Follow-up sessions are approximately 30 minutes each.


Campus Name Title Phone E-mail*
Pecan Elba Coronado Learning Support Manager 956-872-7277 ecoron19
Pecan Nicole Chihuahua Academic Coach 956-872-5654 nchihuah
Pecan Alan Rojas Academic Coach 956-872-5654 arojas2
*All email addresses end in