People On the Rise

People on the rise

Rebranding South Texas College with an updated logo and logotype was a true team effort.

The collaboration involved South Texas College marketing staff, executive committee members, President Shirley Reed, members of her cabinet and the board of regents, along with South Texas College's Branding Agency, Richards/Carlberg.

We all reviewed more than forty newly created logos for South Texas College with all of the above South Texas College stakeholders. We had focus groups with South Texas College faculty, staff, students and regents. We took their input, created new logos, added a new color palette, and we listened to and learned from what the focus group participants had to say. The vast majority appreciated the legacy of the original South Texas College logo design, created twenty years ago. So we revised that original concept and then tested where we were with all of our South Texas College audiences.

The new logo has a revised and re-tooled South Texas College "People on the Rise" logo. We also introduced a new typeface, titled Sabon, with a type treatment of an initial capital letter followed by smaller capital letters in each word, which the focus groups truly liked.

The new graphical logo design conjured up powerful symbolism for many of those whom viewed it. People saw diversity, they saw generations of students on the shoulders of others rising up in the world, they felt the new color palette was exciting and hinted at the culture of the Rio Grande Valley.

We also saw that the majority of our focus groups appreciated the evolution of our new South Texas College logo and logotype, and they valued retaining the legacy of the original logo. Everyone agreed, we were no longer STC, but now South Texas College - for all the right reasons.